Claire Morwood





Can you describe what you do?

I’m a programmer and game designer. I’ve also worked on art for games – mainly pixel art and claymation. Currently I’m also learning how to make music. I enjoy all aspects of game development really!

What’s your favourite game?

Pokemon Silver will always have a special place in my heart, with Yellow being a close second in that series!

Can you remember the first game you played on a computer/console?
I had a handheld 101 dalmations game that I played a lot in the early 90s! I think it was essentially an endless runner?

What are you working on now?

A few freelance projects, including working on Kissy Kissy with Constance from Grrrl Games! I’m also working on a personal project which is like a playable music album in space.

Who is your favourite game character to play?

I’ve replayed Final Fantasy 9 a few times and I really love Vivi’s story, and using his magic abilities in battle. His curiosity and existential dread are pretty relatable, and I really enjoy his combination of status effect and damage-dealing spells in battles.

What inspires and drives you?

Finding new ways to push myself creatively, and seeing people use games in new exciting ways to express themselves.

What excites you about the future of games and/or game technology?

Increased accessibility of game making tools. Thinking about what YouTube and smart phones did for people’s acess and creativity to film and video, it’s exciting that we’re on that same path with video game development.

How did you get into the games industry?

I’ve always made games as a hobby, but never really thought I could do it as a career. During University I started making art for small game projects with friends who could code. Later I taught myself to code using online tutorials and help from friends. Through that I got a job in tech, and gradually transitioned to freelance game development work once I was able to sustain myself through that. Grrrl Games also had a big part to play in my journey, and meeting other game developers in Bristol and in the UK through games events.

Claire’s game, company 3-Fold Games made the Bafta2021-nominated ‘Before I Forget’, a narrative exploration game about a woman with early-onset dementia.

Claire also enjoys using online tools such as Bitsy to make small games. She wrote a tutorial for Bitsy and has given several workshops about using it, as well as talks about game development.

She is also a co-organiser of the game jam Fuse Jam, which is a roughly annual event that plays with the format of game jams to encourage people to create playful games.