Dr Constance Fleuriot

Artist & Writer & Organiser

Current Project:

Shadowmaker, Night Witches, Kissy-Kissy…




Thinking up mad ideas, writing stories, running game jams, creating teams of fab people to make games together…

I set up grrrlgames in april 2015(!) with Jess Linington and have been running it ever since. I have a degree in Fine Art and an MScIT and a human factors related PhD from UWE dept of Computer Science. I made my first interactive game in 1993 and have worked in creative technologies research since 1994. My focus in 2019 is on my own creative/art/games projects and getting them published. I still run Grrrlgames once a month to encourage more women and girls to meet up and have a go at making games. Here’s my LinkedIn Bio.